09 April 2009

If you think you can sew

Or are thinking of trying to sew, read this blog entry. It doesn't cover everything, but it made me laugh because it's all so true. Sewing takes patience, precision, and perfectionism. Anything less just leaves you disappointed and covered in thread. OK, so most nights I'm covered in thread - seriously, and I have a pencil and my pokey-tool (a paintbrush w/the bristle end removed) sticking out of my hair bun - but I am patient, and precise and a perfectionist. And so, I'm hardly disappointed with what I make. Although on the occasions when I do not follow said sage advice, profanities spill out of my mouth at a steady pace. Never cut corners.


  1. Thanks for linking to my blog! It certainly doesn't cover everything but I thought it was a good start. Glad I made you laugh!