06 April 2009

Thinking of Linus

For a long time, I've been wanting to donate to Project Linus. I think about it every so often, when I see the empty bins at my local JoAnn's, or when I see the blanket Vinny got from a Project Linus contributor. It's special to me because two of our four boys wound up in NICU shortly after their births. The NICU is a horrible place, a place I'd soon like to forget...yet I can still remember the smell of it. It's a very clean smell, like soap, but it just makes me think of lonely babies and heartbroken mothers. Inside the NICU were specks of bright colors here and there. Those were the blankets lovingly handmade by women (and I suppose men possibly) from all over the country and then donated to local hospitals for sick babies and children. I was so appreciative that someone, somewhere, hand crocheted a blanket to keep my sick baby(ies) warm. Why not return the favor? Starting this month, I will be pulling proceeds from my shop to purchase yarn for Project Linus. As if I don't have enough to do....but the thought of giving something special to a small baby whose mother may be too worried or preoccupied to knit herself is so rewarding. Charity is totally underrated.

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