10 April 2009

April Goals

My goals for the month of April: (I think it's a good idea to have goals...I just never do it.  So, I'm doing it finally!)

**** Hit 80 sales**** I was around 51 on March 31st.  So, I'm setting myself a goal of approximately a sale a day.  I wanted to hit 50 by the 2nd month anniversary, and I did.  So, I'm setting the bar a little higher this time.

**** Take over one bill****  I'm selecting one household bill that my shop is responsible for paying every month.  Even if it's only 50 bucks...eventually I'd like to be able to pay for more.

****Make more faster**** I'm starting to make two or three duplicates at a time.  This is working out well, because I can save one, list one, and send one (to Maine).  Having inventory is really important in case I try a fair next summer.

****Rid of kitchen stuff****  I'm no longer making pot holders, coasters, or place mats.  I want to get them out of my shop and into someone else's home.  Alternatively, I may just ship them to Maine.  I love them, but they're not big sellers.

****Get organized****  I know this may be a shock to those who know me, but I'm very disorganized lately.  I need to get more storage, and put everything away every time I'm done working (ummmm, yeah ....this is a goal, not a must).

I think that's it for now.  As of today, my sales are at 65....so I'm pretty psyched!  Thank you to everyone who has and does support my shop!


  1. Those are good goals madbird! But why are you sending things to maine?

  2. ET - I'm sending them to a shop in Maine for consignment :)

  3. I agree the goals are good! I am setting goals of devoting more hours a day to sewing.