28 October 2009

My dream necklace

A week or so ago, I asked a fellow etsian - Mavis of sparklegarden - to craft me my very own "story necklace" . I was excited to see what she would create for me! And, she did not disappoint. I sent her a few things to incorporate into my necklace, including a couple charms from hint (who makes amazing silver, by the way). I asked Mavis to make my necklace mostly green, with some blue and orange. I also asked for custom stamping - here's a look:

Here, Mavis stamped my husband's name and a tree-ish design complete with a bird. And, look - a fish!

The stamp at the top includes my boys' initials and a lotus. You can also see one of the small charms by hint - a goddess.

The whole piece: the large olive jade pendant is from a necklace Rob bought me a long time ago. It was a nursing necklace, and since I don't nurse anymore, I never wear it (but it's still special!). The green cabochon was from a ring my grandmother gave me. Mavis took it off the ring and incorporated it into the necklace. She also added scissors, since I do sew an absolute ton! Overall, I was very excited about the necklace, and can't express how awesome it looks in person!

Materials used: sterling, ceramic, carnelian, turquoise, jade, fluorite, lampworked glass, Hilltribe silver, Aventurine, green garnet, green tourmaline, ocean jasper, tree pendant, blue lace agate, freshwater pearls.