06 May 2009

Review April 3 - May 3

My April Goals were:

**Hit 80 sales - I did, as of May 3, I had 121. So, here is the monthly sale breakdown to date (I'm counting to the 3rd of every month since I opened shop on Feb 3):
Feb = 11
Mar = 43
Apr = 67

**Take over one bill - I did.

**Make more faster - Nope. I've been making more, but not faster. I've been getting lots of custom orders, and that slows me down. I've also been taking a night off here and there because I think it's wise to do so, and my production has slowed down some. I have to figure out how to get the most out of my time spent working.

**Rid of kitchen stuff - Almost. I traded and sold most of it. I still have a few things left, and will probably continue to make aprons on a custom-order basis. I will also be unveiling a new creation soon. A BIG one for all those knitters out there.

**Get organized - Almost. I have been much better at staying organized and tidying up after work. I still need to work on this, but it seems inevitable that I will have some chaos surrounding my work. Chaos isn't a bad thing.

I will soon be drafting up my May goals, I'm a little behind! Anyone have some simple goals to share? Post them below!

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