19 April 2009

Sunday, nearing the 100 mark

Ok....so.  I'm at 97 sales.  My goal was to hit 80 by May 1.  However, I traded 12 or 13 times last week (I forget exactly) because I participated in a tradeAholics thread.  I met some wonderful sellers and am awaiting some great things in the mail!  I was able to unload most of my pot holders and all of my coasters - yay!  So, I'm happy with how that turned out.

Anyway....take out 13 "sales" (although Rob insists it still counts as theoretically, I simply "sold" and "bought" even though technically, it's a "trade") I'm left with 84 sales!  YAY I met my goal!  And I will exceed it since it's only April 19!  What were my other goals?  Oh yeah...well, I'm working on those.  

Getting ready to ship another package to Kindred this week.  They told me that they're receiving very positive feedback about my stuff, but no sales yet.  She told me not to be concerned as that's very common the first month.  I'm not at all concerned, if it doesn't sell there, I'll put it up on etsy anyway.  However, I'd like to see at least one sale in the coming weeks.

I bought some ad space on craftcult.com today.  I only bought a four-day spot because I want to see how it goes before investing more money.  Hopefully it brings new views.  Based on my google analytics acct, I'm meeting almost all benchmarks except new visitors.  I get lots of repeats...but only about 18% of my daily visitors are new...that should be more like 80%.  So....that's way off.  The good news is that my bounce rate is declining.  So, people who are coming, aren't leaving quickly.  I avg at least one sale a day, imagine if I was able to direct a much higher percentage of new peeps into my shop?!  That would be fabulous.  I'm hoping some ad space will help with that.  

All right, must go work. :^)


  1. How do you have the creative side and a fabulous business sense???? YOu are incredible! I am so happy for all of your success!!!!

  2. Thanks Aris! Whenever I sew, I always take color, texture and composition into consideration. By keeping those elements in mind, I make things that work aesthetically for me. I went into this blind and hopeful that someone else would like it too. I think I've been fortunate in that regard. But, I'm just now starting to really get into the marketing aspect of it, and it's sort of fun. I'm incredibly number-oriented by nature. I also try not to take it too seriously, lest it will take over my life - and I have to be a mother first. My babes are still young :^)