28 April 2009

Past 100 and still April

I'm at 111 sales as of this morning.  May 3rd will mark my 3month anniversary.  Will I get to 125?  I tend to doubt that, but who knows.  I do know that weekends have slowed waaaaay down now that the nice weather is here.  I made one sale this past weekend and 3 yesterday.  I've been doing lots of international shipping which is cool!  But, it means Rob has to make special PO trips...we sent to Israel, Australia and France.  Canada too, of course....many to Canada, but they're close neighbors IMO.

This week I'll attempt to beef up my stock so that I can list more regularly.  It's been hard because the babe has been sick.  And now I'm feeling the wrath of allergy season combined with the babe's cold.  Yuck.

Coming soon....fabric book covers.  I'm really excited about these because they are really cool.  Still working out the kinks, but they are really soft and nice and make me want to curl up with a good book and mug of tea.  Speaking of tea....sun tea is amazing.  Especially when you grow your own mint.  Give it a try ;^)  there's plenty of sun lately.

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