22 March 2009


I'm really very super tired. Does that make sense? I have done SO much work the past few days. I sold about 8 things this weekend, so I'm really psyched. I've been working on adding more to my shop, streamlining a bit, still not done with the stuff I'm sending to Maine, etc. I've been meaning to type up some sort of schedule, but I haven't yet. When I get behind my sewing machine, I totally lose track of time and that's not good for me, or the rest of the house. Rob has been doing all the laundry and housework *yikes*, but thank you. He's my official shipping dept. He packs all my stuff and ships it out. Thank god for that, because I have no time for it. Somewhere on this road, I ditched my Virgoan organization skills, and became a little crazy. Which is good for me once and a while, but I'm realizing that I wasn't made to endure this kind of chaos for long periods. The time to structure and organize has come.

Here is a new product of mine - it's a wallet. I'm going to be making more of these very soon, and ridding of some items in my shop to make room. I like this wallet - it's SO cool, I made one for myself too.

I officially became a business today - I filed with the IRS and have an EIN and everything. Cool, huh? What's not cool is that I have to pay taxes at the end of the year, and monthly to the state. BOO. I have to start charging sales tax to MA residents. Thankfully, my father is working part time as a tax-filer-guy, so he knows how to do this stuff all legit-like.

I'm going to a friend's house tomorrow for a few hours, which will be nice...breaks are good. Ok, time for bed. :^)


  1. Sounds like business is taking off! I hear you on the scheduling and organizing- when I get so busy crafting that I can't keep up with everyday things, I kind lose my mind! I even create better when things are flowing smoothly all around me! Speaking of which... time to get some things done!

  2. You are amazing, really how do you have the energy for all of this and for four beautiful boys!! Anyway your success is well deserved! Congrats!!!! Love the wallet and the little pouches.

  3. Thanks ladies. Aris, you need to get on etsy and sell your art. It's so cool. I promise I'll buy something ;^) This summer, ok?