30 March 2009

Nearing the end of month 2

I'm about 5 days away from the shop's 2nd month anniversary. I think I had 12 sales within the first month, and I'm up to 49 now. I'm really excited about the progress. I've started to learn what works, and what doesn't. I'm going to eliminate certain products for a while...mostly those for the home like pot holders, place mats and coasters. My biggest and most profitable seller are my knitting organizers. I sell the most of those. I sell a lot of crochet organizers too. I'm unsure how well the wallets are going to do, but the eyeglass case sales have picked up a bit, and I've introduced a NEW product - business/credit card wallets. They can be used as a small wallet you tuck into your jeans pocket before heading out. They can store credit/debit cards, license, and a few bills of cash. I keep my business cards in mine, but whatever works. Here are a couple:

I'm hoping I can hit the 50 mark before I get to April 3rd, which officially marks the end of month two!

I'm sending off a large package to Maine today for consignment. I hope my products do well there. I decided not to do the fair in Boston this year, as I'm already insanely busy with keeping up with inventory on etsy and custom orders. I'm planning on it for next year though. All right, time to get to work.

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