10 December 2009

Yes, please!

I think it's time I list my own wishes for gifties! After all, I'm on etsy all day....I'm bound to have a wishlist of my own! Here are a few.....

Ahhh...black thorn earrings. From redheart13 - where you'll find all sorts of curious jewelry. I like curious, and this shop doesn't disappoint. These particular earrings sold out fast *boo* , but Leila promised to make a pair just for me *yay* and a certain someone said he'd buy them. Now I'm happy!

Frankincense soap from daisycakes soap. You all know how obsessed I am with handmade soap - and I love to try all different shops. Why? Because all soapmakers have their very own methods & supplies that make their soaps unique. I don't buy from one in particular, but am always looking for a new vendor to try (I do admit to having a few faves though!).

Next in the line of my obsessions is lip balm. I'm not a lipstick wearer at all, but I love lip balm! I must have dozens of tubes. This particular flavor - absinthe!! - is from For Strange Women. You've got to check out her shop. It's very very cool...I love the packaging too!

Remember the belt buckle I got for Rob? This is similar, except purple! Same shop - fosterweld.

I really want this! Another from minus, this bag is simple and practical. I really like his work, and after seeing Rob's new messenger with my own eyes....well I did say I had my eye on one of minus's bags for me! This one!

Hope everyone is having a magical holiday season and that you get all of your wishes (within reason) ;^)


  1. These are all fabulous, I'm a huge fan of lip balm and chapstick, I will def have to check out this shop. Thanks again for showcasing my earrings, I hoping to make a couple more pairs to share with the world and you of course. ;)

  2. You're so welcome, Leila! Your jewelry is curiously gorgeous - I love it :) And you love horror movies, so you get a big thumb's up in my book!