29 December 2009

New products for the New Year!

I hope everyone had a magical holiday - I know we did! All of the gifts I featured in my earlier blog post were very well received AND I got most of the wishes on my list too ;^) Now that the holiday rush has subsided, I'm working on some NEW ideas for the NEW year. First up is an improved zip pouch - longer, shorter...and s o f t e r .....lined with fleece interfacing, it's a little more substantial, and the size allows for pencils, crochet hooks, dpns, and any other notions you may need for your projects. Or...it fits nicely inside a larger purse to round up smaller items/cosmetics, etc. Pretty sweet! I like them a lot...here's a peak...

Underwater Sisters in gold



I'm also going to start offering LARGER project bags in my shop! With interior pockets ;^) Let me know what you think and Happy New Year!!

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  1. congrats!
    for all these beautiful pieces!

    greetings from São Paulo!