29 November 2009

Some awesome etsy finds!

Well, the holiday shopping season is well underway, and I'm almost done! YAY! Here are some fabulous gifts I got from etsy for my family members....

For Rob, who desperately needed a new bag for work, I bought this super simple messenger from minus.
His work is amazing - and since I sew myself, I can spot hack when I see it. This certainly is not that, but rather quality work with nice material. Ships pretty quick from the UK to the states too! I have my eye on a bag for me too, of course.

For my niece, whose birthday is in February, I got these really pretty amethyst studs from phoebestreasure.
Those will be super cute on her - she's a tiny 10 yr old.

For my mother-in-law (I hope she doesn't read this post!), I got this really awesome toad house from Anne Marie's Pottery.
Yup, that's where I got my berry bowl! It's really nice and will go well in my mother-in-law's herb garden.

One of the gifts I got for my boys - a night light for their room by GeekGear.
This fancy ball jar changes color thanks to a tiny LED under the lid. I tried it out and it's very cool. Perfect for a boys' room - and boys can be tough to buy for as they get older! Check out his shop for all the geeks in your life ;^)

And, for my babes - my fastest growing boy who I wish would stay two forever, I got him this really cuddly soft and super fun bath mitt from ecoleeko.
If you have a baby to buy for, you MUST check out her shop!! All organic materials and a fabulous price - seriously! I will certainly go back for more.

I'm not quite done, so I may post more finds later! Friends, I can't stress it enough...this holiday season, buy handmade. Support local indie artists and small business owners. You won't get better customer service and personal attention, I guarantee it. And, have fun while you do it! Happy shopping!!

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