11 November 2009

An early gift for me

Sometimes, I buy myself something. Big deal, I know....but it isn't very often that I just splurge a little and buy something really nice for no reason. I did this last week when I bought this super functional berry bowl.

I have a great love for pottery. Maybe it's because my high school clay teacher was really nice to me. But, I remember learning to throw on the wheel, and that, friends, is no easy task. When I taught art to middle schoolers, ceramics was my favorite unit. I always loved working with mud.
Anyway, about this bowl...it is extremely nice, high quality, and a really gorgeous blue. More of Anne Marie's work can be found in her etsy shop. She's very nice, and her customer service is tops!
What I reeeally need is a new mug, but both hand thrown mugs I've owned, Rob has dropped and thus, broke them both. His hand thrown mug, however, survives to this day....curious, isn't it? Maybe I can convince him that he owes me one.

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