21 August 2009

a small break...

A vacation is in order! Starting today (ok, tonight) I will be on a mini-break from madbird. I need more sleep, more fun, and more time with my boys before school starts back up! We have plans to hit the beach, take the boys to Pirate's Cove , sleep, watch movies, sleep, go on a picnic or two, sleep, go to the pool, and just have some fun! I will be back on Wednesday - but I'm not really "leaving". I will still be online, listing new creations, answering convos, etc. I just won't be sewing. Or shipping until Thursday morning. All info is in my shop announcement. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!! :^)

1 comment:

  1. Have Fun!!!!!!! How you do all you do leaves me thinking WOW!!!!! You rock!!!!