13 July 2009

What did you expect?

I mean, really. As a business owner - and yes, you are a business owner. Whether a sole proprietor or an LLC, you sell to the general public, pay taxes, etc = owner of a business, no longer merely a hobbyist. What did you expect when you had this brilliant idea to open shop? Well, I'll tell you what I didn't expect...

I didn't expect to make any money. I was doing this for a few reasons. Mainly because I am always making things anyway, and usually give my stuff away. I was encouraged to try selling my stuff on ebay, but I hate ebay so I never tried. When I found etsy, I thought about it, and procrastinated for a solid year before opening shop. I have three shops online now, and have my goods in two B&M's in New England. I make money.

I didn't expect to be so busy. Honestly, I totally underestimated the amount of hoopla involved. I can't even guesstimate my weekly hours because it seems I'm always working. Not just sewing, but convo'ing, tweeting, fb'ing, researching, shopping, etc. I'm often pulling extremely late nights.

I didn't expect to, or want to, work so hard on any of this google schmoogle crap. If I never hear of SEO again, I'll die a happy girl. After Etsy's SEO debacle, lots of us suffered. And we worked excruciatingly hard to be found again on google. I am soooo SEO'd out, I could spit. But, I won't...because I stuck it out and it seems to be improving. I mean...if I wanted to learn about meta tags and titles, I'd have my own web page, dammit (which is currently in the works, by the way).

I didn't expect all the support. I can't thank enough my immediate family members who are such a system of support that one could only dream up. Seriously. Between Rob being my shipping/photo/designer guy, to my parents doing whatever and anything they can to help me succeed, I'm so grateful. So, hey, thanks.

I didn't expect I'd be so tired. I live in yoga pants. I must have 5 or 6 pairs, that sadly aren't used for yoga workouts lately. They're "lounge/work" pants now. I do have this fantasy where I wake up an hour early and get a yoga practice in before starting my day....but I'm foul tempered enough at 7am (after going to bed around 2am most nights). Trust me, the world doesn't want me up any earlier. After I throw hot coffee in my face, I'm good to go though.

So tell me...what did you (or didn't you) expect?


  1. Interesting post! :)

    I started my Etsy shop without any expectations really. So I supposed it was all unexpected!

  2. I didn't expect my family to support me as much as they do. They have purchased many items from me, spread the word about my shop, called me when they see a sale of jewelry/bead supplies, bought me supplies, commented on my blogs, fanned me on facebook and more. It has been really nice!