04 July 2009

July Feature - Spool Design

This month I'm featuring a fellow etsian and friend, Alison - aka Spool Design. She has a knack for creating intricate jewelry from vintage finds, flea market deals and collage to name a few. I am always impressed by two things upon entering Alison's shop, and that is her photographs - because they're so in synch with the delicateness of her creations....and I'm also impressed by the voices her creations have. They have a soft secretive whisper, as if they've been somewhere I haven't and know something I don't. Honestly, I could spend (and have spent) a long time in her shop musing over all the views of her beautiful jewelry. Try taking a walk through her shop - it won't disappoint.

I recently asked Alison what inspires her:
"I'm inspired by antique stores, flea markets, and other creatives. Etsy is a huge source of inspiration because it connects me to so many talented shop owners with an insane amount of creativity. Lately I've been drawing lots of inspiration from vintage shops with fabrics and fancy flocked wallpaper and sewing notions. I've been trying to incorporate these types of things into my work."

When asked about her favorite materials to work with, Alison replied:
"I try to keep with salvaged jewelry items, items that have no home because they are are broken or have missing parts. I adore painted and repainted junk items, with chips and tattered parts. Right now I'm IN LOVE with vintage lace, millinery flowers & tiny applique flowers. And bows. These days I just can't get enough of bows, whether it be metal, fabric, drawn, whatever. "

I love that. Finding small parts of a whole that are no longer wanted and repurposing them into something great again.
Please visit spooldesign on etsy and have a look for yourself. You won't find any two like pieces, as it's all one-of-a-kind greatness! Mention madbird in "notes to seller" upon checking out to recieve 25% off your entire order through Sept 1!!! Now, that's a fabulous deal! See Alison's shop policies for details. Also, please check out her blog to see her "beek of the week" features and other insights into her work. Tell her this bird sent ya!

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  1. Oh thank you so much for featuring me! Kinda makes me blush :)