09 July 2009


YAHOO! It happened, I FINALLY made the front page of Etsy! I noticed I had a huge increase in shop hearts tonight, so I went to one of my most beloved sites, craftcult, and searched the vault (the vault usually tells me "nope, nothing for you" and I move along...but not tonight. Tonight the vault told me I hit the front page around 6:30 EST! My mermaid bookcover made it, and it sold around 7:30. I was pretty excited to make it to the FP - so, thanks for that, to whichever Etsy admin is responsible :)


  1. Yeaah for your - congrtas on the front page. So well deserved. Your mermaid bookcover is so pretty.

  2. YAY for you!!!! wow ... I have to admit I'm jealous jealous jealous! :o)
    I'm so happy for you ... you deserve it. Your stuff is so cool!

  3. Thank you, ladies! Your comments mean a lot - really. :)