05 June 2009

Monthly wrap up - May

Yay, I think I've hit most of my goals from last month! I just squeaked by with 164 sales...my goal was 160. It hasn't been a great month sales-wise. It's been pretty slow and unpredictable, but I'm still satisfied with the progress. I am working on building up more inventory, and that's going well. Some things to consider for June:

Branch out. I'm going to look into 1K markets. I've heard mixed reviews, but one thing I've learned is to never put your eggs in one basket. I can't depend on etsy to be my one and only. I will have some of my bags in two shops in MA by the end of the month. One is in Groton, the other in West Concord. The shop is noagifts. I was pretty excited to be contacted by the owner recently. She was extremely nice - we agreed on the numbers and pricing so now I've got a ton of bags to make. It looks like quite a nice shop!

Price restructure. I'm starting to add more features...my bags will from now on be interfaced. My organizers are better than they were when I started. I'm going to add a wristlet to my inventory - I can't wait for this one, they're going to be soooo cute. Comparatively...I'm cheap. And I shouldn't be - hey, I work hard! And...the fabric I use is not boring OR cheap.

Build up lots. I need more inventory stocked up. If I don't sell it all during holiday shopping season, I'll save it for fairs the following year. I've got to get me into some fairs! I turned down any offers I got to vend this year. I'm way too unprepared. But, I'll be better prepared next year. I have my eye fixed on the one in Boston.

Those are June's goals! Good luck to all my fellow sellers :^)

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