17 June 2009

and ArtFire too...sure, why not?

I've also moved on over and secured a spot on ArtFire. Why not, right? I will be filling up that shop with more madbird-y goodness in the days to come. Right now it has some of the same stuff from etsy (no, not duplicate listings, I actually have two of each in stock) - but I'm thinking of filling up that shop. I like it a lot. Why? Because for 12 bucks a month there are zero fees, unlimited listings, and I get to customize my shop which is AWESOME! The wee ArtFire logo in the back does not intrude on my space.

This is not replacing Etsy. I love Etsy...it has so far brought me great success, and I am there to stay as far as I can see. But, who said a little tryst on the side was a bad thing? ;^)


  1. Thank you for adding your creative voice to are community of artisans! May I official welcome you and wish you good fortune and many sales.

    Artfire Member Engagement

    P.S. Don't forget you can put your ArtFire rapid cart right here on your blog. Readers can check out without an account and never leave the blog!

  2. Wow, thanks for the tip Kevin! And thanks for visiting my blog!

    (psst....fellow-sellers, that's customer service!)