14 May 2009

Oh, how I love Craftcult

If you don't, you should. Here's why:

The owners of Craftcult are super nice. AND, they're etsy sellers themselves.

Craftcult is full of seller-friendly features, such as:
The heart-o-matic
Enter your username here to find out how many shop hearts and/or item hearts you have. They are even nice enough to tell you the date and TIME you received each and every bit of love. See how many item views you've got. Check if you're featured on the front page, in the storque, or in a gift guide.

The Vault
This feature is soooo cool. View by date, or search specifically for any etsy member. If you're in or have been in a front page treasury, it will show up here. Trust me, it works. So far, it's informed me that "no lists were found with madbird featured. Try another search already, you pest!" Sadly, it's correct. I keep trying though.

Oh yeah, it works. Sometimes, paid advertising is a good thing. I only paid $15 for four days. The first day of my advertisement, I got a $60 sale directly from Craftcult. How do I know? Because she told me Craftcult sent her, that's how. This was my second time advertising with them. I did so well the last time I bought a 4-day ad, it took a lot of restraint to wait a few weeks before buying more time. My goal is to advertise one spot monthly. It's a good deal - give it a shot.

Even if you're not keen on buying an ad spot - if you haven't checked out the heart-o-matic, you're missing out. But be warned, it can be addicting!


  1. are you finding better luck with the carousel or the side bar or both? just curious. thanks, johanna

  2. I use the carousel. My logo isn't informative enough for the sidebar - and also, I'm afraid of being at the bottom of the sidebar unseen. The carousel is always rotating :^) AND, you can select 3-4 listing to be featured in one four-day slot. It's sweet!

  3. I haven't tried advertising, but I love the heart-o-matic because I'm always curious if any of my items have new hearts and it was a pain to go through them individually!

  4. I spend way to much time on craftcult! I've been thinking about advertising, but haven't broke down and done it yet.

  5. Craftcult is a daily must-visit for me! :)