23 May 2009

Monthly feature - On a Roll....ipod cozies, cup cozies and accessories

This month I'm highlighting a fellow etsian who knits up some really fun stuff! I like knitters. After all, they buy what I make, but also because they have a patience and dedication to their craft that is most admirable.

This month the spotlight is on Kara, from On a Roll - check out her shop! She knits up these really delicious looking ipod cozies. Some are beautifully simple while others sport a cable design.

I asked her about her creative process: "Sometimes I'll see a yarn I really like and work from that or sometimes I'll think of a new item I want to make and then find a suitable yarn." Hey, I think a lot of us work that way! I also think that the spontaneity of this method leads to really fresh and amazing projects. I also asked her about her material choices: " My favorites materials are definitely wool and cotton. The wool I use with for my iPod cozies knits up so nicely with a really satisfying definition to the stitches. And buttons! I can't forget buttons! I have a couple boxes full of buttons now, and it's been so great to actually have a reason to have an absurd amount of buttons around." I'll say! Gorgeous stitch definition! I want to reach through my screen and feel up those projects! They look so soft and cuddly - a great home for my ipod.

But, Kara doesn't only make ipod cozies. She also makes cup cozies, scarves, and other accessories. In between using your cup cozie for your coffee, wear it on your wrist as a super cool accessory! Buy one for your eco-friendly co-worker as an appreciation gift! Lots of possibilities! Want even more incentive? Kara says: "From Friday, May 22, 2009 through Monday, May 25, 2009 - Spend $14 USD or more (including shipping) and receive a free hand knit cup cozy of your choice! The deal includes custom orders placed before the end of the day on Monday, May 25!"

If you would like to find out more about On a Roll, or keep up to date on happenings and new projects, follow her blog. Thanks for reading my spotlight post! Now, go give her shop some love ;^)

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