03 April 2009

2nd month wrap

Today marks madbird's second month anniversary. Wow it went by fast! I've been working super hard. I am constantly either making more items, or promoting my shop. I try out new ideas a lot, and also think about what items I'm going to discontinue (yes, already). I don't have the time to keep up with as many different items as I currently stock. So, starting this month, I will be phasing out place mats, pot holders and coasters. Definite keepers are hook/needle organizers, bags/pouches and business card holders. Maybes are wallets and aprons. I do get a fair amount of custom apron requests, so I may try to keep those. The wallets are up in the air. I've sold a few in the shop, and one off site, so maybe I'll keep them for now.

My package made it to the shop in Maine, so it's currently being inventoried and will be available in their shop soon. I only sent them a total of 17 items, but they were happy with what I sent. I was asked to participate in a county fair this summer in RI, but I'm going to skip all markets/fairs for this year. I am spending a ton of time just stocking my shop on etsy, there's no way I have time to stock 100 things for a fair. I am starting to put stuff away though (create extra inventory) so that if I want to take a week off in the summer, I'll still have new things to list. If I'm able to build up my inventory, maybe I'll be ready for a fair next summer.

My sales in February were 5. In March, they jumped up to 46. I have 3 for April so far....I'm wondering what April's total will be, but I'm thinking I had a really fabulous March. If April comes close, I'll be happy. Well....that's not entirely true. I'm constantly bumping up my goal.

At this point, I think it's appropriate to thank a few people. Thanks to:
my sisters, for their support and for being two of my first customers
my parents, for their support as well, and for shamelessly promoting my shop to anyone who will listen - my mother will tell anyone she talks to, and my father hands out my business cards to anyone with an open hand. Familial support is not overrated, it's necessary IMO.
my mother-in-law, who has committed herself one day a week to drive down to our house and occupy the boys so that I may get work done uninterrupted. This was totally her idea, and totally appreciated by me.
And to Rob of course. My shipping manager, well, he's my entire shipping dept and my director of photography. He is my harshest critic, but I have to give him credit for that as he pushes me to constantly improve, streamline, work harder, and perfect my methods. If it survives his critique, I feel confident that it's pretty much perfect. I have tossed many a product because they have failed inspection (by tossing, I mean I either keep for my own use, or give them away). Along with being my harshest and most ruthless critic, he's also my biggest fan. Without his absolute support, madbird would be sadbird, and would likely not be doing near as well.

Thank you everyone! You are all so appreciated :^)

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